Cashmere care guide

During the process of making cashmere clothes, our team makes a great effort and carefully works at every stage. However, you should follow certain rules of care in order to maintain a great look.

Our customers often ask us: ‘How do I wash cashmere? and ‘How do you store cashmere?’. Our experts have collected the best advice so that you do not make a mistake.

Cashmere is a precious material that we take from the fluffy undercoat of a cashmere goat. Then, during processing, thin hairs are separated from coarse ones and only the softest fibers remain, which are so pleasant to the body.

How to wash cashmere sweaters?

  • Considering that our sweaters are made of thin fibers, we recommend using a professional dry cleaner or hand washing.
  • If you chose the last option, then you should follow these steps: turn the item out, use warm water (no more than 30 degrees), use a special shampoo for cashmere and wool. Moreover, you should soak the garments for 5 minutes to remove the dirt before rinsing.
  • Do not change the water temperature throughout the entire process.
  • Remove excess water by placing between clean towels. Never wring your garments!

The ideal option is to wash cashmere items once a season. If you do this more often, then there is a risk of fiber damage.

How to dry cashmere sweaters?

  • While the garment is damp, smooth out any unevenness and place it on a firm, level surface to dry further. During the process, avoid direct heat flow such as open flames or direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry your cashmere sweater
  • You can iron the sweater using a low temperature to avoid burning the fabric.

How to store cashmere sweaters?

  • If you have clothes that contain cashmere, we recommend you purchase re-sealable bag for neat storage. In addition, you can use insect repellent sprays like rosemary, thyme, dried orange.

Remember, you should never hang cashmere clothes, fold them to avoid deformation.

How to avoid pilling on cashmere sweaters?

To help avoid pilling several things can be done:

  • Allow the garment to rest between wears
  • Wash and press as per the care instruction, inside out to avoid friction with other fabrics
  • Brush down to remove unwanted debris
  • Wash with specific detergents designed for cashmere
  • The garment may also be dry cleaned by a specialist dry cleaner