Chalety is for those who love life and know how to get the maximum out of leisure and travel. We make timeless clothing and accessories that guarantee comfort and premium quality in any part of the globe. Simple forms and intricate details make all pieces from our collection easy to combine, freeing up your attention and allowing to enjoy the here and now.

We strive to make every moment of your free time cosy and aesthetically pleasing, and we insist that every detail matters.

Chalety reflects the cosmopolitan lifestyle of our founder Yulya Tihonova. Yulya aims to provide like-minded people with ready solutions for any pastime and promotes a style that unites comfort, self-understanding and high standards.

Elegance and conciseness are the key elements of Chalety DNA, and our statement piece is the iconic cashmere jumpsuit. Our collection also features suits, tops, turtleneck jumpers, travel sets and accessories.